Why Mars?

Why you should make humans living on Mars the goal of your work? 

Galaxyhome's ''Why Mars?''- app takes you and the red planet and shows what part Mars plays in the conflicting battlefield that is you.

You want things. You want the well-being of others, of nature. You want your dream. You want to enjoy life. It's a struggle to find a way to act in a way that honours each thing you hold precious.

Doesn't it seem there should be a balanced way to go about life?

Sure, we feel and intuite some of it. Yet elusive as a whole it remains. Wouldn't it be amazing to see in clear text and images what it is you're ALREADY trying to act out in your life?

Galaxyhome's Why Mars shows what's going on. And you will see how setting Mars as a goal of your work is the way to integrate us.

Find out why Mars is important for you on Galaxyhome's Why Mars. Coming out in 2021 to Android and iOS.

Incredible. So rare to have a product that sees your condition so precisely and answers to it's yearning so fully. You're left speechless. There's nothing to say, because you see it, it sees you and you both understand what you feel. Galaxyhome is great.

Delivered. 100%.